Billy Budd, Gamified

Our next unit will focus on Billy Budd reimagined via the Ivanhoe concept we’ll be discussing tomorrow. I’ve invited you to a site I’ve created to host our game and created an initial game to serve as a sandbox. Check out the documentation, which is aimed at instructors more than students, but has useful descriptions of how to set up roles, make moves, add to others’ moves, comment on moves, etc.

I’ll keep adding stuff to the site, and we’ll start a fresh game next week, once we start hacking out who is going to play what role. I’ll also share some guidelines re: evaluation, expectations, tutorials, etc. And we’ll meet in the library on Tuesday next week (as well as for two additional sessions in subsequent weeks), so you’ll have access to a computer, tech support (well, me), and support for research (one or two librarians will join us and help you locate good sources for your roles).

Melville lives!

Since we’ll start discussing Melville’s work next week, I thought I’d mention two Melvillian manifestations in culture today. First, the excellent publisher Melville House, a scrappy outfit that publishes an amazing list and has had the courage to tell Amazon to go %$#^ itself. If that wasn’t enough, well looky here:


Some of you will get this on the way home, as it were, but trust me: it’s pretty funny.

Second, enterprising academics have created a (decidedly adult) game out of the text of Moby Dick. Especially interesting looking forward to our “playing” Billy Budd via the Ivanhoe WordPress theme in a couple of months.