final “presentation” guidelines

As I mentioned in class, Thursday we’ll be sharing our experiences/projects, briefly and informally, as we eat, drink, and think about the semester as a whole. For those who feel more comfortable with some parameters, here are some ideas of how to approach this brief assignment (3-5 minutes is ample):

  • for essays, give a sketch of the argument
  • for objects you’ve built, share a few slides that show what the thing looks like
  • talk about interesting materials you dug up in your research
  • tell us where you’d like to to take this project in the future, or otherwise how the project might lead to future work (e.g., Kelley has discussed doing Twine games with HS students; Katharina is interested in expanding her project to include all available narratives of Jews displaced from Vienna during the Nazi period)
  • talk about failures and frustrations: we don’t do this nearly enough in higher ed, though JITP is a leader
  • explore ideas for new projects that working on this project inspired in you

Have fun, and I look forward to hearing about your work next week.

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