group project #2: annotated edition for Benito Cereno

We voted today and decided to do an annotated version of Benito Cereno together on the theme of relevant intertexts, especially the narrative of the real Amasa Delano. Here are the ground rules:

  1. We will use to annotate our text.
  2. We will use the dead simple “edition” that I’ve posted on our site using the plain text version from Project Gutenberg.
  3. Each student is responsible for minimum three annotations taken from some text that’s relevant to Melville’s text. Easiest, of course, is comparing aspects of Delano’s text, which you can find in searchable form here or in your Norton, where it’s reprinted. You could also search for other relevant historical texts on (for example) slave revolts or the activities of sealers or ideas about Senegal and enslaved Africans returning there or whatever you can think of. I’ll post relevant intertexts as I think of them and locate them. Hathi Trust is an amazing trove of old texts that are searchable, so you might poke around there.
  4. Evaluation: I’m most concerned that each of you clear the bar of (only) three annotations, which will get you a good solid B. More notes will be rewarded, as will especially lucid notes, and notes from surprising sources. Evaluation will not be as stringent as with the first project, since this is a quicker/dirtier project by its nature.

Sound good? Have fun and see you Tuesday. The annotations are due a week from today, Friday March 18th.

Final project ideas page/doc

I’ve started to jot down some of the 4am ideas I’ve had about cool final projects for y’all (and some that you’ve spontaneously generated, whether you realized it or not, during class). I’m keeping them on a Google Doc that’s embedded on a page on the top menu of this blog.

So take a look and feel free to add to it as well. It’s very early still, but it never hurts to think about what you might do, especially while a given topic is fresh.