Presentation on final project (for last class on Tues. 5/17)

For our last class, we will have a festive (I hope) session in which we’ll talk about our final projects. I don’t expect anything time-consuming or formal, just a three-minute sketch of your project, knowing full well that a few of you might have procrastinated and have work to do prior to the Friday 5/20 due date. If you’d like to add visuals (purely optional) feel free to add a slide to this presentation, and I’ll handle the AV while you talk. Here’s what a good presentation will cover:

  • WHAT I found: the research question I posed to myself and the answer/s I discovered to that question. For an essay, this will be a quick thumbnail of the argument; for a more expository or creative project, this may be more descriptive: what I did with the source text to transform it or make it mean something new.
  • WHERE I found it: the sources or examples that were useful to me in my research/work. Again, for an essay this is straightforward, though it might be interesting to describe any pitfalls or barriers you ran into. For a creative project, you might note other artworks/projects that inspired you or provided a model (positive or negative).
  • WHY it matters: why should peers care about your project? What do you hope readers take from it? How has the project changed the way your think about your topic or, better, some aspect of your life?

The final project will be due by midnight on Friday, 5/20. This is a non-negotiable deadline, since I’ve given you extra time and since I don’t want to let you carry things into exam week. Late projects will be docked one letter grade per day they’re late.

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