steps to get ready for Tuesday’s game

To review some of the next steps we talked about yesterday prior to Tuesday’s class in the LIBRARY in Room 404:

  1. Choose a role: Go to the spreadsheet I’ve set up and choose a role. I’ve put you on one of three teams, arbitrarily, so first come, first served within your team. Each team has five or six members, and each team should have a Billy, a Claggart, a Vere, a Melville, and one or two other personae from literary history. See the list for ideas, or generate your own. If the roles are maldistributed in some way, we can fix that on Tuesday.
  2. Read Billy Budd: we’ll have lots more time to keep reading, so do your best. But Tuesday will be much more fun if you’ve got basic command of the text.
  3. Play in the demo game: you should be able to sign into the site using the same username/pw as for our course site. If you want, create a role in the existing game and make a move, just to get a feel for the interface.
  4. Think about research strategies: I’ve put a bunch of stuff on reserve and am building out a page of research links; we’ll also have help from Iris and Stephanie in the library. But you should think about what you need to know in order to play your part: something like the research questions that you pose at the early stages of researching an essay.

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