Quick examples of sh*t Drucker hates

Since we might not all remember intimately the recent history of e-book design, I thought I’d show an example or two of the kind of “nostalgic” design Drucker mentions with scorn, design that focuses on how books “look,” not how books “work.” Here’s an example of the ersatz page-turn via Apple’s iBooks app as late as 2013:

Screenshot 2016-03-14 21.17.04

And here’s the “bookshelf” that an iBooks user would have selected titles from, also as late as 2013:


This is called “skeuomorphic design” and involves in the case of e-books, making screen-based objects resemble their 3D counterparts in the real world. Apple has recently moved in the opposite direction, as you may have noticed, towards a “flat” design that foregrounds the two-dimensionality of its screen-based objects/spaces/environments.

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